Tuesday, April 24, 2007


It is heartwarming to see that Marcus has been playing a lot more with Nicholas. He has definitely grown fonder of his baby brother and when he won't share his favourite toys with other playdates, he would share with Nicholas without any prompting from us. Sometimes he will just put his little cars and buses in Nicholas's small hands and tell him, "you can hold the coach." sometimes he will add "be careful, don't drop it" which always makes me laugh as that is what we adults often tell him when he is holding something we think is heavy for him.

Marcus has been mimicking us a lot. He plays peekaboo with Nicholas when he realised Nicholas enjoys it with us. He would hide in a corner of Nicholas's cot and jump up while shouting "peekaboo" which always excites and delight lil nut so much that he starts to wave his outstretched arms and kick his legs a lot which makes him look like he is swimming.

Once I put Nicholas down in bouncer, whispered to him that "you cannot be carried all the time sweetheart" and rushed off to make his milk. When Nicholas continued crying, Marcus looked really concerned at his brother for a while, bent over and whispered "you cannot be carried all the time sweetheart." in the same loving tone as me and gave Nicholas a kiss on his forehead. It made me laugh so hard and also surprised/delighted Nicholas enough to stop him crying. It was so hilarious and sweet to watch.

I always say "hey you are awake, my little sweetheart" whenever I see Nicholas awake from his naps. Yesterday, I saw Marcus saying the same to Nicholas. And for the rest of the day, Marcus kept wanting to rub Nicholas's head, and would touch his cheeks gently and say "aww.. xiao di di".

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