Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Side effects of prevanar?

Marcus has been down with cold since Saturday and he is not getting any better. Very stressful for me as I am worried of catching it from him or having him pass to Nicholas. Anyway, maid is down with it too (I told her it's because she is not washing her hands enough with Dettol soap) so I have to handle both boys myself throughout the day. Would make sense to let her wipe Marcus's nose, change him and feed him etc.. since they are both sick with same thing, but Marcus doesn't want her around and also i feel sorry for the boy to leave him with the maid, especially when he is at a vulnerable stage. What doesn't help is Nicholas is teething, so very needy and wants to be carried ALL the time. And E is away to Seoul, so I am alone. Not fun at all going to bed at 1am, waking at 6am and not nap at all in the daytime, having to face Marcus's sneezing/coughing all the time and carrying Nicholas and yet trying to avoid him catching the bug.

Today I wonder if what he has is just the regular cold virus or side effects from prevanar jab which he took on the 18th. I panicked for a few minutes. Googled but didn't find anything useful. Shall remind myself that this episode will make his immune system stronger and millions of parents worldwide go through this daily. But really, deep down, I feel like running away, go for a spa and facial and relax at some place where I can sleep for 12 hours straight without being disturbed. I fear I will break down physically and mentally soon.

I realise I have not been away for a SINGLE night from my baby Marcus since the day he was born.

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