Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Learning to Sit

I saw Nicholas doing baby push up today in his cot and the next second, he was on all fours. And he wasn't just staying in that pose motionless, he would even swing his body to and fro' which makes it even cuter to watch! But I didn't bother to get my camcorder out as I know that by the time I whipped it out, all the stunts would be over and he would most likely be staring at the lens and showing me a 'zen yoga' pose for the next 30 minutes! Anyway, this is part of the process of learning to sit, so hopefully his gross motor skills will be as advanced as Marcus (oops, mummy promised never to compare again!) and be sitting independently by 7 months sharp. Anyway, he still has 6 weeks to go to perfect the skill. In the meantime, i shall try harder to capture it on video.

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