Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Bedtime companions

For a long time, Marcus's favourite companion to bed was "Pig" given by E's cousin Timothy and Sarah from Perth when they came visit in Sept 2005. Marcus would cuddle, bite, chew, squeeze Pig or just roll about in bed with this soft, cuddly pinky which also has a grainy stuffing in the tummy area. It was about same size as Marcus's torso then, so it was very adorable to watch. 

Then at Luke's birthday, he got the Ikea teddy bear as favour and that swiftly became Pig's competitor. Few months later, we added Pooky which was saved from E's stash of cuddly bears. 

I bought Marcus the Elmo hand puppet after he fell head over heels with it at Pilar's place while playing with Maria. 

But after about a year or so of cuddling softies, his favourite bedtime companions now are the yellow shopping bus and blue Comfort taxi which E bought at Toys R Us. They may be hard and with wheels but it doesn't stop Marcus from showering them with kisses every night and talking to them. Hahaha

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