Wednesday, April 26, 2017

An Hour's Work

The Dolly drew these one weekday morning while I was busy. I did not check on her the whole hour while she was in the study since I could hear her humming and mumbling to her chick.

So imagine my pleasant surprise to enter the study an hour later after I was done with work, to find these pieces on my desk. Not bad at all, for an hour's work from a 5.5-year-old.

Though the Dolly has the entire morning with me on weekdays, more often than not, I get her to keep herself occupied for pockets of time while I get things done.

Like her brothers when they were this age, she has great focus and is always able to find something to work on. If she was not drawing, she would be reading or playing with her toys or puzzles.

A few more months and these laid-back mornings will be gone. I am sure when the house is quiet in the weekday mornings, I will miss her company.

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