Tuesday, December 13, 2016

On Her Wedding Day

My 5 year old cannot wait to grow up and get married.

Besides wearing the most beautiful wedding dress, she informed me that she would change into many colourful dresses.

So she would look absolutely happy to be married. Haha...

I swear I did not put any of these ideas into her, so she must have gotten all these ideas from those annoying Youtube videos that she watched when she had access to the iPad. Urgh!

Or maybe it is all in the genes. Oops.

I first talked about getting married when I was 7. To be exact, I wanted to marry the smartest boy in my class then. I remember how relieved I felt at the end of every school year to learn that we would be in the same class again the following year. For 4 years, I had eyes for only one boy, since he was ALWAYS the smartest. Until we moved and I was transferred to a different primary school.

In this respect, my little dolly is different. She wanted to marry a different boy every few months and he was always the one who played with her the most and made her laugh the most. Haha....

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