Thursday, October 27, 2016

An Eye for Haute Couture

After noticing that Dolly liked to draw her princesses wearing the usual princessy dresses and hairstyles and she would draw them in the usual colours that they are known for, I encouraged her to design dresses and hairstyles for them.

That was all it took to start her off. She began her fashion designing and took pains to ensure that every drawing was different. Unique dresses, hairstyles and even poses.

She draws inspirations from everywhere now. She pays more attention to clothes on people she sees on the streets and in posters or advertisements. She studies still images more closely and is more perceptive to facial expressions on prints and commercials. I point out details in illustrations which I know she makes mental notes of and I delight to watch her eyes sparkle.

All these inspirations are absorbed into that brain of hers and I just know that one day, they will all be put into good use.

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