Saturday, October 29, 2016

A Test of Perseverance

We play the Country Game often. This is an extension of the game, with a 150 pieces puzzle, meant for Ages 5 to 10.

The first time I brought this out to play with her, she was only 4+. It looked daunting to her when she dumped the pieces out of the box. Nevertheless, she was game to give it a go.

I instructed her to sort by colours before guiding her to piece the puzzle together, continent by continent. As we progressed, we discussed the characteristics of the flora and fauna that we saw on the pieces and I told little stories about countries that I or we had visited so the country names become more meaningful to her.

All these are strategies to reinforce learning and aid recall, so as to make the transfer of knowledge from short-term memory to long-term memory more effectively.

She may have just turned 5 but her working memory capacity is rather amazing, though I am not at all surprised. After all, whether it is through her learning-through-play or lapbooking activities, I always work on strengthening her memory capacity.

Do you know that memory is like any muscle in our body, which we can strengthen with use?

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