Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Good Old Sweaty Fun

Play date at Kidz Amaze.  Kind of obvious that my kids are just not shy when it comes to posing for photo.

They played so well with these four siblings (L was camera shy that day) for a good two hours. Lots of chasing and screaming. Totally money well-spent.

The kids have met up quite a few times in the last 2 years. From sand play at the West Coast Park to the Forest Adventure together at Bedok Reservoir and now indoor fun at Safra Kidz Amaze, they are getting more familiar with each other, especially the older kids. Perhaps that was also why they could go so wild this time.

Just the idea that I have known the girls since they were toddlers brings a smile to my face. I first met the older girl when her mum accepted my invite for a playdate with M back in 2006. All three kids were also students of my lapbooking classes and were in the same lapbooking classes with my boys at some point.

Hopefully we can keep up with the playdates and gatherings and the kids will remain friends for more years to come.

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