Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Games We Play: Laser Maze

Like the boys, Dolly is used to inventing games to play by herself. It must be due to the fact that I do not play with her everyday, so she does not expect me to and will find stuff to keep herself occupied.

When we do play, it is also not for a long stretch of time. We may play a game or two, and depending on the nature of the game, lasting between 10 min and an hour. After which, I will get busy with other priorities, be it making a meal, housework, revision with boys or catching up on my reading, research or admin stuff.

One day, I saw her fiddling with the pieces of a box of game that is meant for ages 8 and above.

I bought this Laser Maze game for the boys when I was in the States 2 years ago for M's Odyssey of the Mind and Destination Imagination competitions.

Since Dolly is not even 5 years old yet, she could not really understand how to play the game. But she refused to give up. Hence I decided to tweak the game rules a little for her benefit and taught her the basics to get her started.

This is great logic game that combines science concepts with puzzles and logic. I was pleasantly surprised at how fast Dolly could grasp the rules and even apply the concepts after I explained and played a few rounds with her. My only complain about this game is the lack of interaction since this is meant for a single player only.

Oh well, I guess if one is engrossed enough to play all the 60 levels, he/she will not need company anyway. And if the child gets bored after a few levels, she can quit anytime and resume at any level they fancy in future.

But for now, I am content that she is curious enough to get started.

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