Monday, December 21, 2015

Forest Adventure: Better Late than Never

Finally, we made it to the Forest Adventure!

One boy was very excited when I suggested we try it out with friends. The other boy was hesitant and tossed a hundred reasons (ok, I exaggerated) why he should just stay at home.

I decided not to give him a choice, which made him super unhappy. Haha!

The moment we arrived on site, the excited boy could not wait to be belted and head off to adventure.

The not-so-excited boy looked bored at first, then he exhibited some nervousness when he realised the briefing was coming to an end and the time to adventure was nearing. I had to whisper some sweet words to calm his nerves, but I guess it did work its magic.

In the end, they both had so much fun!

Hence, as far as I was concerned, it was mission accomplished!

The boy overcome his fear of heights, ventured into something he viewed as risky and stepped out of comfort zone that day.

He survived (of course!) and realised much to his delight that he could handle such physical challenge and surprised himself that he actually enjoyed it.

It was a bonus of course, that we did it with good friends. The girls were such warriors! Enthusiastic and fearless they were, marching ahead with confidence and inspired and motivated my boys along.

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