Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Influencing the Drawing Style (Part 1)

I am always intrigued by the different drawing styles of my boys. 

Ever since M started drawing at barely 2 years old, his pieces are always more 'technical' in nature.

Instead of drawing a wide range of subject matters, he always prefers very specialized themes that are more of a mechanical nature.


He would draw the same subject matter repeatedly, with each production offering a very subtle change in perspective. For instance, his Transformers and General Grievous series.

The Worm was another example.

Over the years, he is so sure of his ability to produce complex drawings that he actually favours complicated details over simple sketches. Sometimes, he even seeks out challenging images to replicate and takes great pride in perfecting the pieces.

Chip, on the other hand, has always been more relaxed about how his subject matters would turn out in his drawings. Seldom will we find intricate details in his presentation. He prefers simple outlines, with an occasional detail to 'decorate' the characters. His sketches are really just super quick drawings that are done in seconds, with lines that look like they have been carelessly added. The naive quality often makes me laugh, in a good way. For instance, this post I had of his beasts and dragons when he was 5+ and his Gesundheit Comic series.

While I marvel at M's eye for details and fascinated by his ability to present complexities in his drawings, which is something I can never do in a million years, I truly adore Chip's innocent and cartoony-like expressions in his art too. 

In early 2012, when the boys were just 8 and 6 years old, E set out hunting for art classes for the boys, hoping to challenge them slightly in this area. Not satisfied with the art classes and programmes available, he ended up buying books that he hoped could guide the boys in their illustrations.

It certainly worked. In the end, we did not send the boys to any classes and they just continued to work on their drawings with tips from the books.

More on the books later.

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