Thursday, August 28, 2014

Surprise Party

The girls went to great lengths to plan and execute a surprise birthday party for me.

The venue they picked - the St. Regis Hotel - was simply spot on.

The evening was just the way I like it. Nothing over the top, yet always classy and meaningful. Hours of reminiscing and girly chats, accompanied by gorgeous food and wine and simply awesome company.... the 24 hours we spent together just couldn't be any better. The entire experience, especially the undivided attention and love from them was so good for my soul!

Z even made a surprise video that was actually a collection of clips featuring some of my close friends and family members. A real keeper!

We have come a long way, 18 years to be exact with Z & K and nearly 10 years with KL. And we know there will be many more 18 years to go.

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