Tuesday, August 26, 2014

That Kid in the Mall

A few months ago, E sent me this photo when he was out and about with Bun.

Did I recognise any of the kids in the photo? Nope.

At first, I thought it was weird of him to do so, because knowing him, he would not be interested in others' kids. Unlike me.

Upon closer examination, I realised the one in the middle wore a similar top that Bun had when she was smaller. It was more than that. There was also something else..... something that looked so familiar about that kid.

Then I realised what it was! That was my Bun when she was smaller! Wahaha...

I have not looked at her old photos for a long time, so I did not even recognise her at first. How did her photo ended up in the nursery of a mall?

According to E, more than a year ago, he allowed a staff of the store to snap a shot of them when they were at the nursery. He did not ask what that was for, nor did he ask for a copy. He forgot all about it until he chanced upon it again at the nursery. He was changing her nappy when he looked up and saw a younger version of her baby staring at her. Very funny.

After my initial amusement, I seriously considered returning to the store the next day to ask for that photo and make clear that my baby was done modelling for free, but I still have not done so.

When the boys saw the photo recently, I couldn't resist getting them to pose with it.
Now, that is a reunion. :>

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