Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Right on Top

I really should think of an appropriate reward for M.

After studying the results analysis provided by the school and the chats with his subject teachers at the Parent-Teacher-meeting (PTM) this week, it is clear the boy has done exceptionally well in the Primary 3 SA1 exams vis-a-vis the cohort. He deserves some form of meaningful recognition from us. After all, he has worked hard and achieved excellence.

The boy is more than delighted with his high Band 1 scores for all subjects and the nearly perfect scores for 3 out of 4 subjects. Perhaps what is truly unexpected is for him to be the only child in his Chinese class, which is also the top chinese class of cohort, to achieve the 30/30 score for Chinese oral. Given his current ability, I had expected him to excel anyway, though I never imagined his standard would surpass his peers by this much.

At the PTM, the Chinese teacher was all praises for M's Chinese standard and excellent learning attitude. He was visibily surprised to learn that my son was a 'potato' just a few years ago and at one point, had outrightly professed his dislike for the language. Things can't be more different now. M enjoys learning Chinese and is highly self-motivated to improve his grasp of the Chinese language. Again, a testatment of my long-time belief that success begets success.

We have probably reached the tipping point sometime late last year or early this year. All my years of coaching to push him past the hurdle and achieve initial success was to fuel his motivation. I can't be happier to see how well my efforts have paid off. I am hopeful that we have crossed the biggest obstacle in his journey of mastering the Chinese language,  and going forward, we will only need to maintain a consistent effort in revision for him to excel.

All other subject teachers were as generous in their appraisals of his abilities, attitude and character. Oh, my little boy! :>

For now, I am going to just enjoy the much-deserved one month break in June and try *very* hard not to think of the Continual Assessments (CA2) that will occur in August and the SA2 in October.

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