Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Paper Hat

She stole one of the nappies from the drawer one evening while waiting for me to begin her bedtime routine. When I returned to the room, she flashed me a cheeky smile.

It is hard to say what gave her the idea, but I supposed she must have learnt from the boys who had cheekily worn their clean underwears on the head in front of her.

Funnily, the 'hat' fits so well. :)

A few mornings after, while changing her nappy, she insisted on wearing her nappy again. This time, she slid off the bed and ran to the mirror before I could catch her.


What can I say?! The girl simply loves checking out her reflections. It took a good 5 minutes to convince her to take it off and put it on at the right place.

1 comment:

emma's mummy said...

So adorable!


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