Friday, March 29, 2013

The Entertainers

The boys are excellent babysitters for brief periods, whenever I need to whip up quick meals or head for the loo. 

They read to her, make-up games to play in front of her or just monkeying around to make her laugh.

Usually I just leave her in the cot or playpen and they entertain her from outside, so there is no danger of her falling or being tripped over. 

Chip has become the default taekwondo demonstrator in front of her. The curious and fascinated toddler will watch his every punch and kick with keen eyes and appreciative smiles. For every 'Hah' that he shouted, there was often an echo of a softer and girlier version. Hee hee..

We have come to realize she is such an attentive audience, for every now and again, she would display her own patterns of punches and kicks from the comfort of her playpen, all complete with a series of soft 'Hah's. Very, very cute.

Other times, the brothers will each play a musical instrument. M strutting his guitar and Chip on the piano. Sometimes the toddler may join the 'orchestra' with either a drum, tambourine or maracas. It can get real noisy but the tot never seems to mind.

Recently, the boys start to watch her for brief periods when she is walking about the living room. I make sure she has her cushioned hat on and keep an eye on them every few minutes. The boys have to be briefed and reminded constantly but they are getting better. She really adores their company and often are amused enough, which is definitely helpful.

One evening, Chip played a very slow version of a chasing game around the playpen with her. The girl was to chase and catch him. She was really giving it her best for a good 5 - 8 minutes while Chip hummed a suitable tune to hype the suspense as he marched with his long legs. Made me laugh just watching her run round and round with her short legs, which reminded me of a similar game the boys played years ago.

The little bunny loves this chasing game. It is so magical just watching her squeal with delight and excitement. We have to capture this on videos, for I know it is unlikely for her to recall such early-childhood experiences in future. It will be so nice for the siblings to watch together in future and have a laugh at the games they used to play.

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