Friday, May 3, 2013

Olivia Speaks: 19 months

I want to sit there

I want this, give me this

What happened? (one of my favourites - she really understands this and asks at appropriate moments with the right tone!! Haha)

Mama, hurry up (while waiting for me to get ready)

No, you go away (when boys tried to kiss her)

Bun bun cuddle mama, kiss mama

Mama, come here, come here!

Go outside, I want go outside

Bun bun sit on the chair

Hat in the playpen (when she was asked where the hat was)

Bun bun lie down on white pillow

Wear pink socks on toes

Red boy sleeps, Marcus sleeps, Nic-ness sleeps, papa sleeps

Bun bun eats fruits, yes? (one of the ways she requests for fruits)

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