Monday, May 6, 2013

Mama's Guilt

I always feel VERY guilty whenever she falls asleep in this stroller. The pictures say it all.

Since we gave away our 8kg Aprica that comes with 4 reclining positions a few months ago, she has been out and about in this Maclaren Volo.

I do love it that this Volo weighs only 4kg and I can close and open it with one hand (while carrying her in the other arm) and still light enough for me to lift it in and out of the taxi's boot (whenever taxi drivers don't bother to help).

The downside is the seat can't be reclined and there is no firm back support. For a heavier toddler, it won't be a problem. But it doesn't help that she is tiny.

Despite checking out numerous brands, I haven't found one model that is as lightweight enough and still provides a firm back support with at least one reclining position.

I have been using the Volo since 2005, so both boys survived this phase of napping in it, though I was also nearly eaten alive by guilt in those years. I have thought of replacing it at least a dozen times, but never gotten round to doing so, simply because having one as lightweight is an important factor and the lack of storage space at home means keeping three strollers (including the Aprica) would be out of question.

This particular photo makes my heart ache. :<

She looks so adorable. But it must be awfully uncomfortable.

(I adjusted her after the quick shot.)

E reminds me often that she will outgrow it sooner than I think. 

In the meantime, I avoid heading out close to her nap times. She is already spending very little time in the stroller even when we are out, preferring to walk and run around. Perhaps she will be fine in another few months.


Jayne | PhotoBlog said...

We have been using our Combi for 6 years now. Somewhat similar to Aprica, I think? Opens with 1 hand, has 3-4 reclining positions... It is true that the little one will outgrow it very soon, or she might skip her nap soon? A is already skipping his (to my horror!).

By the way, the kids told me they needed to take a picture of their art sculptures and send it to you, but everything got carried away and before I remembered it, those "masterpieces" had already landed in the hands of their beloved teachers (as Mothers' Day pressies! Don't ask me why!) before I took a pic! Sorry about that!

J says he will draw you another "masterpiece" soon. :)

Domesticgoddess said...

Oh I hope she doesn't skip her naps anytime soon though I don't mind so much if she naps a little later on days out.

Don't worry about the pictures. The kids were so cute talking about their art work, hence I suggested that they send me some pictures so we can examine their masterpieces together. I will be delighted if J has time to draw another, otherwise not to worry!


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