Monday, January 28, 2013


I can't tell you enough how excited I was yesterday to hear my 16-month-old utter 'YELLOW'. 

Her first two-syllable word!

It makes us laugh every time she says it and she has been saying this A LOT today. Even the boys are tickled. It is the way she pronounces that is so adorable.

She will repeat 'yellow' readily, almost parrot-like, when she hears us say the word and if we ask her to 'say yellow', just for our own amusement. Then she laughs out loud (with a very deliberate 'Hahaha') when we laugh. Very funny to watch.

From our experience with the boys, this means she is entering the next phase of speech development and we can expect a swift outburst in the verbal language department.

Just today, she said 'apple' while watching me slice the fruit, after months of saying just 'per'.

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