Monday, January 14, 2013

Olivia: 16 months

The golden age of toddlerhood. All these months will pass in a jiff.

Like most tots this age, she is a baby chatterbox, but certainly a very gentle and girlish chatterbox.

There is this unmistakable dainty quality about her. She smiles and giggles in a small girly voice. She sways to dance and makes small gestures with her fingers. She asks for 'more' in the quietest manner with the sweetest pleading eyes. Her voice is usually small and ladylike, except when she is screaming for my attention or is very upset.

Even when she is upset, she has mastered the perfect damsel-in-distress look with fat tears rolling down cheeks and the most pitiful and pained expression that melts hearts instantly. The papa doesn't require much from her to give in, especially after a day in the office. The mama takes a little longer to convince, but once the tears begin rolling, the baby gets swooped up and cuddled soon enough.

The tot learns fast. But we often remind ourselves - she is our last baby.

The chatterbox is on a word spurt lately, repeating new words every few days. Quick list of what she can say clearly: mama papa boy ball bird shoe toe arm hand ant up cheese car star more book nite-nite bye hi all-done eat hot bath bus fish sit uh-oh there here bowl man blue.

Just not long ago, our last chatterbox was uttering all these words. :)

What I constantly find amazing is her vocab. She is able to understand so much of what we ask of her. It is always so exciting and inspiring to see how fast she picks things up. A compelling reason for me to be on my toes. While I enjoy her growing up in front of my eyes, I shall indulge her with experiences and opportunities.

For now, it is mostly unstructured play and more play.

These are some of her favourite toys in the recent weeks.

At first, I was going to wait till she turns 18 months, but looking at how focused she is during our multiple reading sessions throughout the day, she seems ready for more structured activities.

Finally, it's time to whip out all my years of resources, starting with those I have prepared for Bright Tots Campus and all the Totbooks workshops.

I can't wait to see her benefitting from them, just like how her two brothers did before!

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