Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Rare Sunday

In the past year, most of our weekend outings would always involve a restaurant meal of some kind. Itineraries were planned around lunch or dinner and the final destination would be more quickly approved if there was good food around the area.

Truth be told, it has become harder to get the dad out of the house for extended hours of kids' play without accommodating his needs. I suppose everyone has his threshold for beach and playground visits, especially after a few kids.

So this was one of those rare outings that didn't involve checking out a restaurant.

The kids jumped out of bed when they realized they were going to the beach and everyone was fed and ready to leave home by 8am. A departure from our usual lazy Sundays.

I was determined to give the kids time to enjoy the sand, breeze and sun to their hearts' content, hence the dad had to be convinced to give the midday fancy lunch a miss.

The baby's first visit to Sentosa and her first-ever sandy adventure!

She spent quite a while just watching the boys toiling away and checking out all passers-by. 

After her long 'stroll' in the pram by the Palawan beach and many yawns later....  

A little tumbling and fooling around with Papa on the mat .....

Just before leaving for our late lunch, the final shot of the boys' Chasm of Death - a rather neat and impressive looking tunnel. They sure worked hard that morning. :> They even had a good story about  it, but I have forgotten most of it by the time we left the beach.

I was ready to crash when we got back at 4pm. The lucky boys (big and small) headed straight for their pillows after their hot showers.

Unfortunately for me, the baby didn't feel like napping anymore after her midday catnap in the pram. So I depended on plenty of caffeine to get me through the hot afternoon while listening to their not-so-quiet snoring.

But it was all worth it. 

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