Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Boys: You Just Can't Stop Them!

On any typical day, my boys will roll around together in one tiny bed, wrestle and squash, push and pull, poke and tumble, followed by lots of throwing of pillows and soft toys until the whole room resembles a war zone. They will giggle uncontrollably, completely forgetting about their napping baby sister next door until their super annoyed mum threatens some repercussions.

After a few moments of imposed peace, they will get on top of each other twisting as many body parts as possible, before the other breaks free to 'take revenge'. They pull each other's ears, tickle the other to death, alternating between laughter and shouting, followed by some more pushing, kicking and elbowing until one of them ended up crying.

That is when the super annoyed mum enters the 'scene' to deliver the 'lessons'.

Boys are boys. I know.

Just mention zombies, sorcerers, spells, fighting games, magic, swords, cannons, armour and weapons, and you would have gotten their full attention. They love nothing more than keeping you abreast of their latest inventions and strategies to defeat the most incredible villains in their latest fighting games. They never get tired of telling you more. And there is always more to tell.

And oh I must mention the mess. Big, big mess of the smallest things I can find. Heaps of the tinniest Lego pieces strewn all over the floor and their beds and on every table and chair. They don't seem to care one least bit. I can't tell you how much that gets on my nerves. Every Single Day.

But yet the things that make them laugh are the very things that bring me smiles too.


They do have the wackiest humour and incredible originality. I must not forget.

By now, I should have gotten used to this whole aspect of raising boys but I can't say I have.

There is always the unmistakable energy and the accompanying noise that sometimes drive me crazy. Day in, day out, I find myself trying to stop them from doing certain things in certain ways. The boys' ways. But really, I should control myself more. They may be messy and noisy and playful, but they are mostly harmless.

What they need is a mum who is less of an adult but more of a kid herself. This, I must do better.


Susan said...

Haha some cheeky boys you have there.

Homeschool @ sg said...

Really? The messiest person in my house is my daughter! Lol! My boy is the tame one! Your baby girl sure is gonna have loads of fun with her big bros!

Domesticgoddess said...

Susan, they are cheeky indeed. The source of much laughter and 'headaches' for me too.

Homeschool@Sg, I can imagine so given your girl's age. I am sure my baby girl will leave her trail of mess once she becomes more mobile. But Iuckily she has two doting brothers who will willingly clean up for her, until she can clean up herself. :>


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