Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Baby Words

My little chatterbox has been 'blabbering' non-stop. Way too fun to listen to her. :)

Lots of new words in the last two weeks too. Quick list...

'dis' (this)  ~ when she points at something in front of her

'dare' (there) ~ when she points at something further away

'buh' (banana, balloon) ~ when she spots one

'boo' (book) ~ and she always makes the 'book' sign concurrently

'ba' ~ when she sees a picture of sheep

'bird' ~ strangely, she stops saying this word this week but would just point at the bird.

'yesh' ~ yes

'ka' (car) ~ when she spots one

'hac' (hat) ~ she will tap her head and point at her hat if in sight, meaning she wants to wear her hat

'tar' (star) ~ when she sees the shape in books or toys

And she is always going 'mum-mum mum-mum' all day long. Says that when she sees food in the kitchen or on the table or pictures of food in books. And definitely when she sees anyone of us putting something in our mouths.

She will drop everything and crawls over if she is not in playpen. If she is 'confined' in her playpen, her 'mum-mum' goes quickly from a whisper into a desperate shout if we do not react within seconds. :>

Frankly, I love greedy guts, especially since my boys were such reluctant eaters when they were little. But I have a feeling she isn't greedy either. Just curious right now about food, textures and taste.

More later...

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