Thursday, August 23, 2012


4.5 months. That's how long she lasted.

To be honest, this was way shorter than I had expected.

But I did promise myself when I decided to hire a maid that I shall not be 'held hostage' by a bad maid. Not going to let that happen to me this time.

It was assuring to realize that after all, I had managed well enough without any help for 4 years.  So if I had to, I shall not hesitate to 'get rid of the negative energy'.

After tolerating her crappy attitude for 6 weeks and giving her way too many chances, I finally had enough. People like her will reap what they sow.

It has been one hectic week.

With the hubby away on business trip for a big part of the week, it was just me 24/7 managing the
2 boys + 1 baby + housework + daily cooking + my work.

It may not be a walk in the park.  But life is not always rosy anyway. I just have to do what I have to do, with my best.


Winnie said...

Kudos to you!!.. Really admire your energy, stamina and organisation skill to be able to cope with so many things on your plate and yet still breastfeeding your little girl. Think if I am in your place, I would break down.

Just want to say jia you and you would do just fine or even better.

Domesticgoddess said...

Thanks Winnie. It really helps to have some emotional support when the going gets tough. Actually I am so glad that I am breastfeeding which I think is much easier than bottle feeding. At least there are no bottles to wash.

Joanie said...

Hi hi juz wanna get some tips on how u cope with 3. Like u, I'm on my own with 3 Kids 6, 4 and 1. Doing everything in the house, how do u get to sit down and spend them with them be it learning or reading. Realize I'm juz leaving my little one to crawl ard without much stimulation.

Domesticgoddess said...

Hi Joanie, I plan the daily routine to make that happen. Basically, on typical days I make coaching the kids a priority and when the kids are around, I try to get that out of the way as much as possible.

Baby gets plenty of stimulation through unstructured play anyway, so I am not too concerned. But I usually have 2-3 blocks of uninterrupted time to spend playing/reading and doing whatever I fancy with her.

Cooking is planned around the day's schedule (i.e. if I have more time that day, I make fancier meals. Otherwise, it is simple fare but not compromising on nutrition). All other chores are done on a need-to basis and as and when I can find time.

Joanie said...

U are amazing! So how do u go about coaching the boys these days? Can't imagine how u can still manage an enrichment centre! The kids will be really proud of u!!!


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