Monday, August 27, 2012


Between the two boys, Chip has always been the one who has more female friends.

When he was barely 4, he announced nonchalantly about his first girlfriend, a classmate called K, whom he played with. She was his best friend, he would often remind me. They would hold hands and giggle together. Very adorable to watch. :)

This cute masak-masak relationship lasted for about a year.

Last year, while in K1, he told me of his new best friend, N, another classmate of his. They would sit together after school, sharing snacks while waiting to be picked up. He didn't mind that we referred to N as his girlfriend. He really liked her because she would share her daily loot of Hello Panda, Oreo, all sorts of chocolate goodies and crunchy titbits with him. :)

A few months ago, he told me N was no longer nice to him. She stopped sharing snacks. So he stopped liking her. Haha.

Recently, we realized he has a new crush!

Yes, the Groo Maiden!!!

I can't stop laughing when I found out. (Sorry my little Chip).

When I first noticed the frequency to which he was seen reading this book, I asked him about it. He would only say that he found it very funny to see Groo giving her flowers instead of fighting.

Then one day last week, I saw him staring at the same two pages for a long time. When I teased him about her, he was so embarrassed. He hid under the blanket and even tried to shoo me away!

He wouldn't tell me why he is so mesmerized by her, though I wonder if it has anything to do with her barely-there outfits. I know, this (comic) is not age-appropriate content. I would not have approved of it, but my objection didn't seem to count in this matter.

I did get a little concerned when he murmured 'sexy' to my persistent pestering, without elaborating. Does he know what 'sexy' mean? Isn't he a little too young to be considering if a girl is sexy?

Oh my goodness! I can't stop thinking of the premature loss of innocence.

On the other hand, I can't stop laughing about his new crush. Hee hee.....

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