Sunday, April 29, 2012

Shame the Baby Snatchers

We were at a birthday party a while ago when a distant relative tried repeatedly to grab Olivia from my arms.

The moment this relative arrived at the party, she couldn't stop remarking on Olivia's cuteness and asked to carry her. I tactfully declined every offer and request.

Fed up of my rejections, she reached out to grab Olivia from me. I was annoyed but didn't want to spoil the party or upset the hostess, so I cheerfully explained that my baby was about to nap and would cry if anyone take her from me.

An hour later, Olivia woke and was happily chewing her fingers and taking in her surroundings when the auntie appeared out of nowhere with some loud cheers and praises for my beautiful baby. The commotion did make Olivia coo and chuckle so much that she became the centre of nearly everyone's attention.

"Oh your baby is too cute! I MUST carry her!!"

With that, she reached out, attempting to pull Olivia from my arms.

I was stunned for a split second, but recovered quick enough to joke about her roughness and how that was not the way to handle a teeny baby.

She stood back. Smile. And came forward suddenly to slap Olivia's hand.


I saw red.

My mother bear instincts surfaced. I was ready to chew her up.

She must have seen it in my face for she promptly joked that she was only teasing the baby for being naughty.

I stopped caring about the party mood for others and gave her a piece of my mind. Enough was said to embarrass her in front of everyone else.

For the rest of the evening, she didn't dare to come anywhere near us.

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k said...

You did good!


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