Thursday, December 15, 2011

Nursing Rooms

I have been to a few nursing rooms so far and the one that I like most is still the Baby Room at United Square. The worst has to be the one at Polliwogs

Whenever I plan to take Bunny out, I have to check on the nursing facilities before I even leave home. A destination without a reasonable nursing room in a mall nearby is a no-no for us. 

This means we can't head to open areas like parks and beaches. Not yet anyway, until I can confidently nurse in public, which I suspect will take another million years.... Urgh! 

Well, it is not due to any lack of nursing skills as she latches real well. But since I have no intention to risk exposing myself with jets of milk spraying all over the place whenever she pulls away to suck her lips, I don't see how I can avoid nursing rooms altogether. Using nursing cover actually makes it harder for me to manage the mess. :< 

Just as I am considering heading to Somerset 313 for brunch and shopping, I found this awful feedback about their nursing rooms. Cockroaches .... Eeks! 

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