Friday, October 28, 2011

Olivia: 7 Weeks



I am madly in love. 

There is just so much to love about Olivia. My baby girl. My little one. 

At 7 weeks old, she weighs 4.74kg, gaining an average of 230g/week.

She has changed quite a bit since birth. With each passing day, I see a growing resemblance between her and Marcus. 


(@1 month old)

(@ 7 weeks)

Love her soft and almost velvety skin. And how she always smells so clean.

Oh those newborn noises. All her cute little sighs. As if the world's burden is on her tiny shoulders and is too much to bear.

Her sparkling eyes that are constantly searching for interesting things to look at. 



And the way she makes eye contact and smile when I talk to her. How she coos and ahhs, responding to everything I said. 

She is a charmer. A big one. With all her sweet little smiles. And those toothless grins and soundless laughs. She knows how to steal my heart.


Not forgetting those involuntary hiccups that always made me laugh.

And the way her face scrunches up when she passes wind. How she looks surprised when her bottom gets busy.

When she waves her arms and kicks her legs in excitement. And sometimes hits her own face by accident. 




(photos: 2 weeks old)

I especially love the way she opens her mouth seeking my boob, like a baby bird looking for food.

Her warm little body pressing against my chest when she is nursing. And her beautiful baby hands. Oh, those hands gently stroking my breast as she nursed. Aww.... those moments never failed to melt my heart.

My heart is filled with contentment. 

Life feels complete. 

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The Beauties In Our Lives said...

Awwww...she is such a sweetie! And I agree she looks like Marcus! Enjoy the moment ... having newborns to play with is an absolute delight :)


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