Friday, July 29, 2011

Dressing my Belly Bump

Every week in the last few months, I was asked by friends, neighbours and people I met at the boys' schools if I bought a lot of maternity clothes.

The truth is, I haven't.

I bought a few pieces for the first two pregnancies and kept most of them after the boys were born. Some of the better quality ones remain wearable, and after discarding the ones that were worn out, I still have a decent collection. 

This being my third pregnancy, I didn't want to spend much on maternity wear, knowing fully well that I won't wear them again. I bought only 3 pieces so far, 2 of which were picked up during a sale at Mothers En Vogue. One of them is actually a gorgeous nursing top in an eye-catching deep coral hue. I have worn it a few times already and it doesn't look like the typical nursing wear at all - a fact that I'm very pleased with!

I've been more adventurous and 'creative' (if I may say so) in the recent months too. Instead of limiting myself to just maternity clothes, I enjoy playing mix-and-match with selected non-maternity pieces and accessories that I already own to dress my bump. 

From belting up a loose blouse to wearing empire cuts and maxi dresses, I have had so much more fun dressing up for this pregnancy than before. 

I've even dabbled with fashion reconstruction: snipping off the unflattering (top) part of a dress that I haven't worn in years and combining it with a blouse that is worn out at certain parts. The result: a very wearable dress that shall take me all the way to week 40! 

And finally, I've a few photos of my growing bump. Should take more in these remaining weeks. 

CIMG0482 At week 29. Wearing a one-shoulder tunic top.

CIMG0486At week 30 in an empire-cut dress.

Both are non-maternity wear. 



k said...

I love Mothers en Vogue. nad you look really good in that empire cut dress. pretty colours too! :)

Domesticgoddess said...

Thanks K.


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