Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bonding with Grannies

A few photos to remember grannies' recent visit. 

I love it that grandma spent plenty of time daily playing games and reading books with the boys. 


Grandma playing an educational game on My Body: IQ Facts with Chip. She picked it up from a charity shop 2 years ago. We have it ever since. 


Chip happily read every word on the board game when he played with her, most likely because he wanted to impress Grandma. :> What better way to spend time bonding, eh? Play, learn facts, bond with granny and practise reading at the same time!! 



That cheeky boy had repeatedly announced his preference for Grandpa over Grandma. I can't figure out why though I suspect it has to do with the fooling around he did with the former. :>


Surprisingly, we didn't have that many photos of grannies with M. Oops. 

Here is one of them walking hand-in-hand towards Clarke Quay. When I first took this photo, I thought of my late grandma who passed away when I was 7 (about same age M is now). If only I had a photo of us hand-in-hand. 


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