Sunday, June 26, 2011

Children Seasons 2011: Art Garden

I managed to persuade the whole family to go along. It wasn't hard to get Chip to go. All I had to do was to jog his memory of the fun he had with the green cushions at the place where the giant white bunny was. But it took some planning before the other two would agree to checking it out. 

E, who is generally not interested in art museums and certainly not the ones that we can find in Singapore, probably agreed because our itinerary that day included a Japanese dinner at Standing Sushi Bar which is at the vicinity of S.A.M. 

M agreed to go to the Art Garden this time because it was the straight after our Robot Zoo outing. 

Unfortunately, we all didn't like what S.A.M has put together for the Art Garden this year. 

At first the boys were really excited when they spotted the Paramodellic-Graffiti, but their enthusiasm was extinguished within moments when the attendants there told us everything in the gallery were only exhibits and can't be touched. (I understood from a blog I chanced upon afterwards that the blogger's kid played with the tracks/trucks for an hour!) I may try to return with Chip just to check this out again. 

We only caught one short film, My Father Is a Washerman, which disturbed Chip a little. He didn't like the scarecrow and had interpreted the film quite differently from what it was supposed to represent.  

The kids were not interested in Mummy Dearest, the Dancing Solar Flowers and Lightning Action. Neither were we impressed. 

They spent some time at Superhigh, simply because there were installations that they could move around. That was E's favourite spot because he could finally rest his feet. :D 

The Tree of Love and Fruits exhibits were a little more interesting in my opinion. But it is a shame that the fruit templates were so challenging for little fingers. E started M off by showing him how to make the first 20% of the cardboard apple, and M finished up the rest. But I had to make the whole apple for Chip.


We left after an hour. Unfortunately, E was totally unimpressed. The boys were only mildly so. 


k said...

Oh dear, you didn't know they could play with the trains and tracks? That was the highlight of Art Garden this year, otherwise, it was not very exciting at all. They have hourly 'workshops' that allows kids to build the tracks and find ways to make sure all the tracks are connected. Then, about 15 minutes will be allocated for them to let their trains (loan by museum) run around. my kids loved that. I'm sure your boys would too. But it ends at 5pm. Do check out the workshop timings first thing you're there next time.

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Oh dear, I'm planning to take the Bubs there soon! We missed it last year as she still wasn't walking yet. Thanks for sharing about the film, she doesn't like scarecrows at all (although the only one she's seen really is a picture in one of her books) so we should give that a miss! Hopefully you manage a trip back for the trains and tracks!

Domesticgoddess said...

K, thanks for sharing this. I shall try to make a quick trip with at least one of the kids. :>

corsage, you are welcome! I do want to catch a few more short films if we can make it. Bubs may enjoy some of the activities more than my boys since she is much younger. :>

Anonymous said...

Hey, did you check out the Glass Hall? Right in front of the stage is where the children get to play the tracks and train. Hope ur return trip is a better one.

Domesticgoddess said...

Vegepiglet, what is the glass hall?


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