Friday, June 17, 2011


Our most recent close-up experiences with anything that was promoted as 'robotic' in nature was at our last Science Centre visit, which turned out to be quite an awful let-down.

So when I first came across this pamphlet, I wonder if my boys may be thrilled to check it out.

I was skeptical of the event's hardcore science and educational value, especially since it was marketed as 'science-in-a-mall'. But it would cost us nothing and is only a quick ride away, I figured we should go for it anyway.

We caught 15 min of the Science show, which was rather entertaining, though not really that educational to the boys. The exhibits were better with the showcase of a herd of robotic animals that have pistons for muscles and computers for brains. On display were a larger-than-life giraffe, chameleon, bat, platypus, grasshopper and rhinoceros.





It was interesting to see the 'insides' of these robotic creatures, but I found the interactive segments to be a little disappointing. It would have been more eye-opening if visitors could do more than just pressing a few buttons and manouvering one or two joss sticks that didn't do what they were supposed to. Nevertheless, it was a free exhibit, so we can't expect too much.

After 30 min of checking out the different exhibits, M remarked he was 'a bit disappointed' with the scale. He was misled by the name 'zoo' and had expected more than just these few on display. In fact, he even imagined a few robotic animals on the move! :>

Chip seemed to have more fun, especially at the section where he could help fix the different body parts of a platypus. Quite a few kids there were either fooling around or didn't realize that platypus has a very unique anatomy. Each time Chip placed the webbed feet and duckbill onto the platypus body, these kids would take them out and tell him 'no, not dis one lah! how can? not duck, where got webbed feet?' 

After some attempts of correcting these kids who had insisted on fixing the wrong parts to the platypus' body, Chip grew frustrated and walked away grumbling about 'those silly children'. M was supportive of his observation and both boys walked out of Plaza Singapura holding hands and discussing how they much they dislike those kids who are so silly.

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