Wednesday, December 29, 2010

School Holidays 2010: Out and About

When the school term came to an end in November, I kept up with the few hours a week of Chinese home-learning with M and reading/lapbooking activities with N. Nothing hectic, though not aimless either.

By the first week of December, I decided we have done a fair bit this year and the boys and I deserve a good break. 

So it was officially declared in the household ... 

... for the rest of the month.

Just like our previous school holidays, the boys were not enrolled in any holiday programme. 

They spent all their time pursuing hobbies and indulged in nothing except playing and eating.

Fishing at East Coast. We caught two big fish and 5 prawns! Not bad for an hour's work.

Every other day, they would watch a DVD or some TV programmes if they felt like it. But usually they would run away from the TV after an hour or so, preferring more challenging activities such as wrestling each other or quarreling over Lego pieces. 

We were out and about quite a fair bit too, mostly for activities that allowed the kids to expend their abundance of energy. 

Our recent haunt on weekday afternoon is the Go Go Bambini. A great place for a cuppa with girlfriends while the boys sweat it out for a couple of hours. After three visits in 6 weeks, the kids are still itching for more. We will head there again in a few weeks' time once we are more settled in our new routine.

The beach is always one of our favourite destinations. But in addition to our usual beach activities, we tried the Sentosa Luge and Skyride for the first time which was such a thrill for the kids. 

No photos for the adventure because we set off together. N was with E who went on the Dragon trail and M sat with me for the Jungle trail. The boys love the Luge so much that N wanted to go 'for another 8 times'. But we had to dissuade them from another go to avoid the meandering queue in the midday sun, with the promise of returning soon. 

Love this picture of M posing by his gigantic Chasm of Death. I am so amused by his choice of name. 

In the last week of Dec, we spent an afternoon at the Rainforest KidzWorld to please N who requested repeatedly for a return visit. We have not been there for almost a year, maybe longer, because of the boys' annoying behaviour in the last visit. They refused to enter the water play area despite being the ones who insisted on going to the zoo and were super grumpy when we suggested animal watching. Basically, when we reached there, they didn't want to do anything, except to sulk. The whole outing was just a mega dread. 

But this time round, they had an incredible amount of fun at the water play, dashing about like the rest of the children instead of walking slowly. The whole time, I was watching from the side, murmuring to myself 'be careful boys... watch your steps.... floor is slippery... Oh no! Get up!...' 

It was so heartwarming to watch them holding hands and looking after each other. :> Every now and again, Chipsy would lose sight of Marcus, especially after the slides. It's kind of cute to see him walking around shouting 'Marcus! Marcus! Marcus!'. Minutes later, his big brother would find him and I could see the obvious relief and sheer joy that swept across his face, as they resumed their adventure together. 

There are still a few more places that we planned to visit but didn't manage to, though we have the tickets already. Must get to them soon. 


pc said...


nice to know that that there are quite a number of good places to go during school holidays.

New to your blog. and enjoy reading some of your thoughts as parent and applaud your decision to be sahm.

will continue to hop over and learn more from you:).

Domesticgoddess said...

Hi PC, thanks for dropping by. :>


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