Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Organized Mind

After making numerous models of robots using his Lego Mindstorms NXT set, my 6 years old has taken a special interest in keeping records of his achievements.

All over the house are papers just like these (above). 

Some were painstakingly created to list the components required and sequence for making a special robot that he has invented. I have since lost count of the numbers. Over 30 maybe? 

To make a new robot, he will have to destroy the current one as he normally requires most parts in the Mindstorms NXT set and we have only one robot brain from the set. As a result, the only proof of the robots' existence are some amateurish photos and videos of selected models. We should really make more of such videos! (E, are you reading??)

I really like his initiative to record his designs. It's such a good habit since it will help him remember the parts that he had used for a particular design, should he wish to remake it.

Hobby aside, this is also great practice for honing the other academic related skills, without having to whip out any assessment books. :> 

One of his sources of inspiration. 

Usually, after he finished a model and made it work, he would demonstrate it to whatever audience he could find in the household, giving a superb presentation which could last forever if we would lend the listening ear. 

If I were him, I probably would not want to ever dismantle something so precious, especially after hours of hard work. I would want to admire them over and over for the longest time possible. 

But there lies the difference between us. He is not like me. 

The moment he has done his 'show-and-tell', he has already set new targets to aim for -  the next, even more mighty robot to create and conquer. 

This is the attitude which I adore in him. 

If only I can channel more of it towards some other areas. I am working on it. 



MamaJ said...

Your boy has the foundations of a scientist set down really right, I think! The listing, the sequencing, the attention to detail, the ability to present... Amazing for a 6 year old (some of my Sec 4 kids used to struggle with these skills!)!

Alice Law said...

I spotted a few jargon from his sketch notes, 'Hybrid, Robogator, Navigate sensor etc" tell you what... you might be bringing up a future rocket scientist, or someone more superior than that!


My 3 years old like robots too, she will turn anything into robotic terms, lol! But unlike M, it's all childish term!^-^

Do you celebrate CNY? Wishing you a prosperous CNY in advance!;D

Domesticgoddess said...

MamaJ, oh you taught teenagers before! :>
Hehe your comment made me smile. Don't know if these skills will take him that far in future, since many other factors must come into play, but we realize too these are some of his strengths. As parents, we can only help by nurturing them.. :>

Domesticgoddess said...

Alice, you're good at spotting the jargons! I would imagine most readers just scan the pictures. Both my boys have been drawn to big words since young, instead of shying away from them which helps in their vocabulary. In his more 'technical' drawings, M tends to use jargons though we haven't taught him that. I think it is just something he picks up from the kind of materials he reads.

Your 3 yrs old is still young and always so creative! I think it's so endearing and adorable to see little ones use childish terms. Before we realize, they will drop them and start to use more adult-like speech. Ahh... this is something which I miss! :>

We do celebrate CNY, not that I do much though! Thanks! Wishing you and your family a bountiful lunar new year too! :)

The Beauties In Our Lives said...

He is so talented! His notes are a clear indication of creative and innovative thinking combined with logical skills - at a tender age of 6! *applause* And his English vocabulary and grammar is so fluent! Amazing :)

Domesticgoddess said...

Thanks Linette. We are grateful that he doesn't need much help in the English department right now.


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