Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Map

One afternoon, I found my 4-year-old surrounded by a messy display of drawings on the floor.

Upon closer examination, he had created a ridiculous number of mazes and maps. Maybe something like 12 in one sitting! 

Seeing my obvious interest, he delightedly went into narration mode and gave me an introduction to one of the maps that he had produced.

This is a map. 

Here is the house. There is a train next to the house. You must walk on the top of the train. 

Reach the end and then you will get to the Holloray Ocean. 

Swim through the ocean and then get past the Maoi (mao-ee) rainforest.

You will reach the Monster Place. There are two monsters and you have to fight them. They can fly and they want to eat you up. 

When you win the fight, you will have to go through the tunnel and see a yellow door. 

Go through the door and you will meet another monster. 

The Scarlasuarus is the scariest monster of all. It has only skeleton on its body. You fight it.

When it is dead, you can walk past it to the last tunnel and you will see Grandpa and Grandma.



(all names of places were spelt according to the way he pronounced them)

Here is a game involving monsters and enemies which one must destroy before claiming victory. 

I couldn't resist taking a photo of the following maze that resembles a brain, though I really didn't want to try cracking it. 

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