Sunday, July 4, 2010

Bursting with Curiosity

Learning through play. 

This was one of the activities Chipsy did for a literature-based lapbook that we made together earlier this year.

I used the same literature in some of my Bright Minds Lapbookers classes and the kids made a comprehensive lapbook in 7.5 hrs of lessons. 

Chipsy made the same lapbook at home with me, and we added more trans-disciplinary thematic activities with another 4 - 5 hours of lesson time. 

I love the way he asked questions related to the themes introduced. Sometimes the questions were fired immediately. Other times, they may come days or weeks later, just out of the blue. Which shows that he reflects on the content taught even after the lessons are over. 

A short list of what he has asked (that I can still remember now) related to this lapbooking theme:

What are inside our eyes? 
Why do we need two eyes? Why not just one big eye in the centre like Mikey (referring to the green monster in Monsters Inc)?
What are our bones made of? 


I simply enjoy stimulating my boys' imagination and watch them burst with curiosity.

Nothing excites me more than listening to them shooting off questions on this and that and wondering out loud.

My 3.5 years old has been asking phenomenal number of questions lately. Even though he started asking questions a long time ago, what I notice is the change in the types of questions he asks now.

Just the other day, while brushing teeth, he asked 'What are eggs made of?'. When I replied 'protein', he wanted to know 'What is protein made of?' .... and so on... till I don't know anymore.

Now, I have to go find out and then think of how to explain it all to him in ways that he will appreciate. 

Yesterday, I overheard both boys asking E some questions that resulted in the daddy explaining about 'cells', 'membranes' and DNA! Not sure how well that went, since even I have difficulty comprehending it all. 

I can't be more thankful for their hunger for knowledge which inspires and motivates me to keep learning myself. 

It is a good feeling to know that I am learning and evolving with them. 


Alice Law said...

My girl too, has an enormous hunger to know about everything, sometimes I really fail to answer her questions but thank God we have guys(like yours)...her papa who likes to feed her with all sort of 'extravagant' knowledges that most people think it would be too tough for kids to understand!

Have a beautiful day ahead!

Domesticgoddess said...

Hi Alice, nice to hear from you again! Oh I love inquisitive kids. I also think that we should never underestimate what kids can understand and appreciate. You have a good week ahead!


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