Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Discussion Between 5 Kids

Child #1: Spiders come from webs.

Child #2: No, spiders come from eggs. 

Child #3: No, you mean spiders hatch from eggs. 

Child #4: Wait! Spiderlings hatch from eggs. 

Child #5: Hmm... if spiderlings hatch from eggs and eggs are laid by the adult female spiders, then where did the first egg come from? Wait! Where did the first spider come from? 

All the other kids scratched their heads and exploded into peals of laughter!

The 5th Child is my 5 yr old Marcus. 


May said...

hi! i wrote to ask if we cld join your class when we're back for the summer hols. i've yet to hear from you.

Domesticgoddess said...

Hi May, thanks for dropping by here. I did reply you on the 18th Feb. I will resend my email reply now. Please check your junkmail box too.


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