Thursday, March 4, 2010

Pee Size Matters

It has been a fabulous two months so far, with plenty to celebrate and cheer about.

Now, about my Peanut's recent milestone. As I said before, there is one thing which I hate about parenting

About 6 weeks ago, he started favoring underpants to disposable nappies. And I am celebrating mainly because it means I am past the hurdle.

He has been incredibly dependable to keep his pants dry throughout the day and it took ONE DAY (yes 24 hours to be exact) for the transition. So it was a painless process with only ONE teeny mess on the floor. 

I admit we have been really slack with potty training, compared with other areas of development. We are definitely a million times more enthused with areas of development and milestones related to the BRAIN (read: learning-related stuff).

There seems to be very few advantages to get the boys to the stage of 'nappyless', besides monetary savings. So procrastination became my game. 

Physically, Peanut was ready a long time ago. He would announce before his #1 and #2 arrive with great accuracies. 

The stumbling block was somewhere else. 

Up till a few months ago, the boy would fuss big time whenever he sees my colorful display of fancy small pants donning a wide range of characters from the Thomas Tank Engine, Spiderman to Lightning McQueen. Faced with such protests, the only thought that crossed my mind was - why bother? - so colorful pants went back to storage.

Then one day, I asked him again. He took a moment to consider. 

'OK, I want to try underpants now. And I will pee and poo in the toilet.' were words tumbling out of his cute little mouth. 

Just like that! No need for potty too. Straight to the toilet! 

It was my turn to make a fuss over his newfound independence and we all celebrated with a few M&Ms to mark the occasion.

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prince n princess mum said...

I'm in the process of potty training my son, too!


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