Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Where's The Fun?

To compensate for the lack of sand and water play, we have been heading out almost every week to some indoor playgrounds and hooking up with cute girls and boys for playdates. 

My boys always have so much fun but I can't seem to snap good photos. And I am not going to blame the camera for that! Perhaps as a result, I always find it boring to post MY photos of them out at playgrounds or playdates. Somehow they all look the same! 

But in a nutshell, the kids have their fair share of sunshine, fresh air and exercise, though not enough dirt, mud and germs! 

I shall try harder to larder them up with trips to the beach REAL soon. 

Now that school's out, we have more time and flexibility to plan our days out. I have a scarily long list of TO-SEE places with the boys and plenty more sand and water play. If weather permits. 

Anyway, here are the very few photos I have of the funny moments.

At JWT, they love doing this to each other. They can't stop laughing, neither can I. 

I remember dashing around chasing each other in playgrounds when I was a kid. So it ALWAYS makes me laugh to see my boys chasing each other, squealing with excitement of being caught and running till they are out of breath. 

They love to rearrange every piece of movable equipment in this playground. Somehow they always manage to interest and motivate a large group of the children playing there to 'work' with them on their 'projects'. Here, they built a bridge with the help of many kids who happily and tirelessly carried the heavy pieces. Later, all the kids lined up to walk across to the house. Over and over. Hint of leadership quality, eh?

Three soaking wet yellow boys basking in the sun. If only we live closer to the Zoo... 

After a minute or two staring at the 'flying' balls, he must be wondering if he would 'fly' too.


SPIES said...

Can ask where is this indoor playground?

Domesticgoddess said...

oh which one are you referring to? There are 3 different ones in the photos.

Ivana said...

That does seem like a lot of fun! Btw, what is JWT? I would like to bring Isabelle there. And you must share with me some places to go for sand and water play. She keeps saying she wants to go home to play in the sandpit...

Domesticgoddess said...

Ivana, not sure what JWT stands for but there are a few outlets around. Go google for addresses. We always go to the same one but won't go anymore as I think my boys have outgrown that one. I replied your email!


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