Friday, July 31, 2009

On Pushy Parents

E brought an article to my attention the other day which has made me reflect on and evaluate our parenting styles since.

I can't find the article online anymore, but there are many others that has made reference to it as the big debate continues.

Here is the article in the Daily Mail - Pushy Parents Four Times More Important Than Rich Parents In Determining A Child's Success.

The original article that I read argued that having parents (dubbed by some as 'pushy') who take active interest in their children's education right from the time they are little is key to a child's success.

History has given us so many classic examples of highly successful achievers who had/have hardworking and determined parents with great interests and ambitions in their children's abilities and success. All these parents played important roles in helping their children learn and teaching them the right values and attitudes since young.

As I wrote recently, parents cannot determine the genes we gave our children, but we can teach them the right attitudes and work ethics. We can guide them to be effective learners with a passion for learning.

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