Thursday, April 2, 2009

Craft: Making Cardboard Giraffe

We revisited the topic on 'giraffe' last month, during which we did some art and crafts related to the animal.

The 4yo painted this giraffe on his own. The 2yo was trying to paint an elephant. His idea entirely to paint a yellow elephant, though I couldn't spot it anywhere on his sea of yellow and orange strips.

Then we made a cardboard giraffe out of boxes that I had saved. It was one of the ideas I have for our Recycling Craft Project. 

The kids held up their finished product with pride. Just like a trophy! ^.^

But they couldn't stop asking me why the animal won't stand. Short of better materials, we made the legs out of paper rolls which just aren't strong enough to support. Nevertheless, I am so proud and pleased with the end result. 


Anonymous said...

Hi domesticgoddess,

I am really impressed by what you and your boys did. It's really amazing!

I had just started my life as a SAHM to my 3.5 year old gal. Everytime she faces a challenge, like a more difficult puzzle/quiz for eg, she would give up easily, telling me she wanted to the previous exercise which was easier.

I tried my best to encourage her to try but she would just whine and refused to even try. She is very risk-adverse I find.

What do you think I should do more?


Domesticgoddess said...

Thanks Mildred. Every child is different. Your gal could be just going through a phase. It is actually natural for kids this age to be hesitant of trying new activities. I think it is more to do with comfort zone and not wanting to be disappointed and the fear of failure. May or may not be risk adverse.

But frankly,it is really hard to suggest what you may do to help without more information about your child and how her typical day is like with you, her personality etc.. The only thing that I can suggest is to let her be if she doesn't want to try something that she deems is too difficult.

Every child learns at own pace. If they feel forced or pushed to learn, they may develop negative feelings towards learning.

When she is ready to attempt something more difficult, she will tell you or you should be able to spot her readiness then. Then is the time to up the challenges for her.

Hope this helps!

javapot said...

u do come up with some fun activities! love reading about them.

Domesticgoddess said...

thanks javapot! :) I must say I really enjoy coming up with ideas and I often have more ideas than time to execute them.


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