Friday, October 17, 2008


When Marcus was only a few months old, E bought a really special guitar which cost a hefty sum. The intention is to leave this beautiful piece of instrument for his precious first-born as part of his future inheritance. 

What I didn't know of was the even more beautiful black and white photo and a very moving message on the back of the photo, which the daddy had handwritten for his son. I read it recently when E took the guitar out from its case and it just melted my heart. Every line is so evident of his unconditional parental love and just so touching! Needless to say, he also bought another equally awesome guitar for Nicholas when he was born and left a similar photo and message for the little one.

I am so impressed with the wonderful and meaningful way he has chosen to share something he loves so much (i.e. guitars and music) with the ones who mean the most to him! By the time the boys are grown and receive this as part of their inheritance, it would be so wonderful to be able to look at the photo and remember their daddy playing the guitars in the past and how much he enjoyed that. 

That made me reflect on my own experience that when my dad died suddenly a few years back, I tried desperately to recall as much of him as I could and to search for something that meant a lot to him which I could hold on to. But he left very little belongings behind and there wasn't anything that was really significant or representative of him. He didn't make any legacy planning so all that we have of him was some memories which become more vague as the years passed.  

The boys will need many more years before they can play these gorgeous looking babies, so in the meantime, daddy will be the one enjoying them to the fullest. But the intention is beautiful and sincere and just such an inspiration to me. I have always wanted to leave a legacy for my children and grandkids and indeed, legacy planning shouldn't have to wait till I am old and wrinkly (and penniless)! 


Lilian said...

WOW, what a gem of a husband you have there. Your boys are so lucky to have such a wonderful role model.

Domestic Goddess said...

Yes, that is so true! And he is not just a role model to the boys, but to me too! So often I think I have so much to learn from him. :)


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