Monday, October 20, 2008

First piano lesson

I never thought M would be keen on learning piano, so I have never expected to write about his first piano lesson. But here it is and I am smiling as I type. 

Ever since I paid for the class on Friday, he kept asking if he could have his lesson straightaway. He had his first 30 min lesson yesterday, 1 to 1, and he loves it so much that he refused to leave the room even after the lesson ended. It is hard to say if the teacher is great in just that brief session but M seems to like her. He learnt about 'crotchet' and 'minim' and some clapping rhythm, and the teacher commented that he is good at pitching and keeping his fingers nice and curved when playing. Already he is looking forward to his next lesson, so I am hopeful that he can keep this enthusiasm up for a while.

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