Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Boys Talk

The 2yo came to the living room to find the 4yo standing at the small table drawing. 

2yo: What you doing? 

4yo: I am drawing a triple decker bus. (He was busy finishing up the drawing and starting to colour it.)

2yo: A blue bus!

4yo: yes and this part will be yellow later. 

2yo: Why? 

4yo: Because I like it to be blue and yellow. 

2yo: NOooo! No yellow bus! 

4yo: It is not just yellow, chip. It will be blue and yellow. Here (pointing to the top deck), will be red. Alright? 

2yo: Alright. (seems satisfied enough and walked away happily)

Few minutes later.. the 2yo came back to the 4yo who was adding the final touches to the drawing. 

2yo: What you doing? 

4yo: Colouring the bus. Ok. Here you go, chip! It is all finished!

2yo: Wah! Blue, yellow, red bus! Giant bus! Mama, look! M draw giant bus!

Background: M decided to call himself 'M Quok' for some unknown reasons, probably just because he thinks it is really funny. Even in the paper work he did in school, he renamed himself. I remarked that it is funny he would write 'Mama Quok and M Quok' on a piece of work he brought back today, which brought a loud laugh from M.

Chipsy overheard and contributed 'Papa Quok, Baby Quok, Piggy Quok, Rabbit Quok'! Haha! The last 2 are stuffed toys which are dearest to N and M respectively. 

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