Friday, October 3, 2008

Because I love him so much

The doting older brother is displaying lots of love and concern for his younger sibling these days. Despite being constantly harassed by Chipsy when he is playing or drawing, M is really going out of his way to look after his baby brother or little Chip as he so fondly calls him. 

Whenever Chipsy cries or gets upset, M would drop whatever he is doing and go to his baby brother to sing him a song or hum him a tune, right in his face as an attempt to soothe him. Sometimes we hear him telling Chipsy softly "aww.. little chip, it's ok, don't cry". 

Just the other day, Chipsy took a long time to get in the door after their stroll with daddy. E gave up coaxing and resorted to threatening the tot that he was going to close the door so he will be left outside. Marcus who was already in the house quickly went out to pull his brother's hand and coaxed him "little chip, let's go inside now. Or you will be left alone if daddy closes the door". And it worked! 

If Chipsy gets frustrated with toys that he can't fix on his own, like today, when he got real upset with his Megablok digger. M repeatedly helped him fix it with a consoling "it's ok, I will fix it for you". 

Sometimes Chipsy has the habit of purposely knocking down Lego structure or toys like the Marble racing tower which M or E had previously built. He did this today and I simply ignored him so as not to give him any positive reinforcement to his action. M hurriedly got down from his chair and told me he would help Chipsy reassemble the tower "because I love him so much".. aww...  


Andrea said...

This is such a cute picture of the boys. They really look like Ed :)
Ed showed me your blog because he was asking me about places to buy Piglet tees for #2 and he showed me the entry of him with his 2 piglets :P Hope you can find his tee.
~ Ed's ex co-worker ;)

Domestic Goddess said...

Hi Andrea, welcome to our blog! :) E is a little obsessed with dressing #2 as Piglet now, so I sure hope he can find something nice.


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