Saturday, September 6, 2008

While E was away

It wasn't so hard after all. The boys were really good, with the occasional tantrums here and there, but overall, they are such angels! Considering both are having a slight cough and Chipsy also has the running nose which is drying up now, they could have made my days a lot harder. But they didn't. They ate their meals with minimal fuss, played well together (most of the time), co-operated on most occasions like bedtimes, naptimes, bath times and when we were out and about.

I managed to cook us yummy lunches and dinners and didn't feel a wee bit undernourished or deprived. These are what I served for the past few days. 
- sweetcorn pudding served with steamed carrots and toast of 12 grain bread
- baked sweet potato with chicken
- pasta with homemade bolognaise sauce
- stir-fried broccoli and baby corn, served with brown rice and braised tofu and peanuts
- scrambled egg with smoked salmon, served with toast of 12 grain bread

In fact, I was a little surprised myself when I could sit down and rest after getting all the dinners, washing up and etc.. done by 8pm. What helped a lot I think is the early bath and dinner before 6pm and with some planning, I got all the laundry done before dinner, so all I had to deal with after dinner, was to clean up the kitchen, dishwashing and sterilising their milk bottles (yes, I still do that and not wean them of their bottles, for a good reason). 

So really, I could have gone to bed at 930pm with the boys if I wanted to, but I didn't which I should to recover from my nagging sore throat. I blogged, read and just lazed in bed surfing the Net. Well, I think I just crave some me-time to connect to the outside world, to a certain extent. E is now back from the first part of his trip and in a few hours, will leave again for the next trip. For now, I am handing over the baton and going to relax while I can, on my own. 

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