Friday, September 5, 2008

Giant Fireworks!

It was so hilarious watching Chipsy on the videos which E took that I just have to blog to record this. The baby watched several nights of fireworks during the numerous NDP rehearsals sitting by our bedroom window sill. We sat in darkness and just feasted our eyes on the magnificent display of lights and colours and listened to the baby's non-stop exclamation and chanting "Fireworks! See fireworks! Giiiaant fireworks! Biiigg fireworks! More fireworks! Wow! Fireworks!"  and it went on and on...  

Knowing how much he likes fireworks, he watched it again on NDP, both from our window and on TV concurrently. He didn't even know where to look - to watch it "live" on the window or the TV! 

Then he watched the opening and closing ceremonies of the Beijing Olympics on TV with similar enthusiasm. So E thought of a brilliant distraction to calm him during his meltdowns - get the baby to watch fireworks on his iPod! He made a 7 min video on his iPod so we have fireworks on display at our disposal. :) 

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