Saturday, August 23, 2008

Marcus' art

Here is a selection of Marcus' drawings for the past months. On average, he draws about 3-6 trucks a day, so this is really a tiny percentage of our collection, and not necessarily the best either as I only went through a small pile few nights ago to take these photos. All writings on the drawings are his.

A Dump Truck. 

A Methodist Truck. Not sure what this is, but he borrowed the word Methodist from a church's name. I vaguely recall he said this is a truck used at the Methodist church only.

A Dump Truck with cute wheels! Look how round the wheels are.

A cargo truck for mama. He read about wheel arch, cargo carriage, cab and cargo box from his books on trucks which he borrowed from library. He remembers the terms and wrote them on his drawing.

A beautiful dump truck. See the proportion of the tipper body vs the rest of the truck. He was very careful about drawing it proportionately and discarded a few drawings prior to this which he deemed not good enough. (As I type this, I realise I forgot the name of that part of the truck which dumps and had to ask Marcus who is now lying on my bed watching TV. It is funny to see him paused from his TV programme and relaxingly tells me the answer. I feel a little silly that I am asking him for the answer.) 

A SBS Transit bus. See what he notices about the doors and windows of buses and check out the trapezium shapes at the top. I am amazed by his observation. The vertical lines at the top are supposed to depict rain falling. 

He accidently tore the paper later and asked E for tape. He then taped the paper back all by himself which amused us so much. 

A Brush Truck. Supposed to be like a road sweeper.

A dog catcher truck. He saw it on the Tom & Jerry cartoon and has been talking about it for days. And one day he drew it when I was taking a nap next to him. Notice the loop on the top right. That is for catching dogs. 

A Big Rig. Notice how round the wheels are and how rectangular the windows are.

A police truck for papa. The cab in front and police box at the back. He read about the cabs of big trucks, so decided to call the front of this truck a cab too.

A JCB tow truck. Notice the hook for towing and the pretty shape for the cab. 

A JCB concrete mixer. He meant JCB but was confusingly wrote JBC instead. Look at the beautiful concrete drum and the turquoise stripes which are similar to a particular one we often see around our place.

A gorgeous vehicle transporter for papa which carries a small car. Check out the tyres and special look of the wheels. He often pays attention to the differences in the wheels of vehicles when he walks past them. Sometimes he comments on the prettiness/ugliness of the wheels and he reflects them on his drawings. He colored the tyres of the vehicle carrier but decided upon finishing that he was not happy with the tyre of the back wheel. So he got discouraged and gave up colouring. 
For a long time, he wasn't happy with the roundness (or lack of it) of the wheels he drew and was often sulking after he finished his drawings. So one day, E solved his problem by teaching him how to use a stencil. Ever since, he uses the stencil almost all the time to draw the perfect circle.

He can be such a perfectionist sometimes. :)


Contentedmom said...

OMG...Marcus is such a genius,,,did you say he is only 4 years old? done! did you nurture his interest in drawing such complicated objects?...vehicles in particular...cheers :)

Contentedmom said...

and you are really a hot mama too! well done!

Domestic Goddess said...

Hi contentedmom, nice to see you drop in! :)

Thank you for your encouragement! Actually Marcus will only turn 4 in Sept. We didn't really do anything to nurture his interest. He has always been very keen on vehicles of all sorts, so we just facilitate it by buying him the toy vehicles he wants and making drawing stationery easily accessible to him. And he loves to read, so we take him to the bookstores and libraries to buy/borrow the books he likes, so he has plenty of materials to look at all the time. He does all the drawings without any help from us. In fact he draws them better than my husband and I.

allthingspurple said...

awww.those drawing are cute as buttons !!

while Marcus draw trucks whole day long, my little girl drew fairies and princesses.haha. My fridge are full of them!

Domestic Goddess said...

hi allthingspurple, thank you! Welcome to my blog! :) It is very gender specific choice of art, isn't it! I can imagine the "fridge art" you have got. Haha!

KoLe said...

These are really beautiful drawings, especially from a barely 4 year old! It's amazing!
I love his style!


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