Saturday, August 23, 2008

Beach in the afternoon

Instead of a lazy Friday, I brought the boys to the East Coast Park for picnic and sand play, straight after picking M up from school. Chip was so excited about taking a taxi that he squealed half the way there. 

Of course I took that opportunity to pack a bento for M and a fruit box for myself. I fed N before we left home and took along an avocado and some rice cakes for him. Forgot to take picture of the bento, but it consisted of delicious Virginia ham and cheddar cheese sandwich, some grapes, apples, cashew nuts and a mashmallow for the sweet tooth. 

The weather was fabulous. A little too hot and sunny but yet with a sea breeze constantly, we didn't perspire at all. We chose a spot and laid down the mat by the beach to snack on our lunch before the boys began their sand play. I just relaxed on the mat, enjoyed the beach and breeze and smiled the whole time. 

Chipsy exclaiming as he spotted an airplane.

My boys pushed the stroller and barang barang the whole way back to the taxi stand. I just strolled next to them swinging my arms. :)

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